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The Mobile Phones -2

Recycling, the blue recycling bin, is possibly the worst environmental blow to hit Toronto Ė and maybe your city Ė in the past thirty years. ďItís not garbageĒ is a perpetual cry from the environmental side. In these pages I will bring you examples of WHY this ďBlue BinĒ mentality should be stopped. Sadly, Iíll be competing against an entrenched multi-million dollar program of indoctrination.

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HPIM4294.JPG

Hereís is another Panasonic set, this time a base unit and a mobile unit.

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HPIM4297.JPG

An as-new Panasonic KX-TG5422 .

Scooped out of the same recycle bin as TheMobilePhones.doc .

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HPIM4295.JPG

It takes proprietary rechargeable batteries, and was charged when I plugged it in.

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HPIM4298.JPG

Looks to me to be in ďnewĒ condition.

Why is it tossed out?

So what was wrong with it?

Both units work.



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