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The Mobile Phones

Recycling, the blue recycling bin, is possibly the worst environmental blow to hit Toronto Ė and maybe your city Ė in the past thirty years. ďItís not garbageĒ is a perpetual cry from the environmental side. In these pages I will bring you examples of WHY this ďBlue BinĒ mentality should be stopped. Sadly, Iíll be competing against an entrenched multi-million dollar program of indoctrination.

Christopher Greaves MobilePhones_HPIM4154.JPG

Hereís the base unit of a 3-set, Panasonic.

Scooped out of the recycle bin, one base unit two satellite units, three power blocks.

Looks to me to be in ďnewĒ condition.

Why is it tossed out?

Christopher Greaves MobilePhones_HPIM4156.JPG

Looks pretty good to me.

Now that itís installed, I **LOVE** the speaker-phone button. Great for when Iím put on hold.

Christopher Greaves MobilePhones_HPIM4155.JPG

So what was wrong with it?

When I opened it up, I saw regular AAA batteries, not rechargeable. I put rechargeable batteries in, charged all three units overnight, and have been enjoying it ever since.

My theory: Mum, or Dad, struck with arthritis, children buy a mobile phone set; does not include batteries. Mum or Dad buy regular batteries, and after a few days, of course, the batteries are drained and wonít re-charge. ďThe darn thingís not working. Toss it!Ē



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