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Twitter - Introduction

I may work this up into a full Technical Paper like MailChimp emailer or Word Press Blogging .

Or there again I may not.

In the meantime, if you Tweet, try this:

Christopher Greaves Twit_001.png

Right-click on your Bookmark toolbar and elect to create a new bookmark.

Christopher Greaves Twit_002.png

Give the bookmark a name – “Char Count” is as good as any.


Paste into the Location box the JavaScript you see above.

Confirm and save the bookmark.

The next time you see a quote in a web page and wonder whether it will fit the 140-character limit, select the text and click your Char Count bookmark.

Christopher Greaves Twit_003.png

Here’s an example: I have selected text (outlined in red in the screenshot above) and run the bookmarklet.

Thanks to Andy Gibson of Eileen’s Lounge for this.

Andy is a world-class scripter.

Please see also Business Tweeting


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