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Waste Not, Want Not!

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

(This bin is diarized in Vermicomposting ĖBin V001 ).

Itís that-time-of-year when I start emptying out the large tubs on the balcony, accumulating and mixing the soil into an over-winter bin, where it can lie fallow until the spring.

The process involves sieving the material, and I usually end up with a couple of cubic feet of coarse clumps of soil, desiccated chicken bones, and scraps of plastic.

This year instead of tossing it out Iíve decided to reclaim it through two channels Ė casting AND worm tea simultaneously!

Christopher Greaves WasteNotWantNot_HPIM4262.JPG

I have grabbed the clear-plastic bag liner from a one cubic foot carton of kitty-litter.

It sits in the hand basin in the executive washroom; I want to know that there are no leaks.


Christopher Greaves WasteNotWantNot_HPIM4263.JPG

Hereís the carton with one corner cut away. The triangular scraps go into the vermicomposter, of course.

One corner of the plastic liner will protrude through this hole.

Christopher Greaves WasteNotWantNot_HPIM4264.JPG

Hereís an old kitchen rack Iíve been using for a pot-stand on the balcony this past summer.

A Second Use for Everything.

Christopher Greaves WasteNotWantNot_HPIM4265.JPG

The liner goes into the carton standing on the rack.

About six inches of one corner of the liner is pulled out and dangles over the basin.

Christopher Greaves WasteNotWantNot_HPIM4266.JPG

A twoólitre tub will collect the tea.

Christopher Greaves WasteNotWantNot_HPIM4267.JPG

I fill the box with paper scraps, because this will be a vermicomposter.

Christopher Greaves WasteNotWantNot_HPIM4268.JPG

I throw on the scraps from preparation of last nightís supper (shish-kabobs with chicken, tomato, mushroom, green peppers, red peppers, zucchini and onion, plus the tea bags from last night and the coffee grounds from this morning).

Iím not planning on using this for serious vermicomposting, but the worms may as well have a little something to get them started.

Christopher Greaves WasteNotWantNot_HPIM4269.JPG

Here is a tub of coarse material, sitting on the balcony.

In past years I would have sent this downstairs to the dumpster.

Christopher Greaves WasteNotWantNot_HPIM4270.JPG

I take about a gallon and a half of the coarse material indoors.

Christopher Greaves WasteNotWantNot_HPIM4271.JPG

The coarse material sits atop the kitchen scraps, atop the paper scraps.

Christopher Greaves WasteNotWantNot_HPIM4272.JPG

I have a rectangle of cardboard which Iíll use to shut out the light.

Christopher Greaves WasteNotWantNot_HPIM4273.JPG

What better way to moisten the whole affair than with a Water Bottle Drip-Feeder ?

Christopher Greaves WasteNotWantNot_HPIM4274.JPG

I made a pin-prick hole about two inches up from the bottom corner.

Since Iíll be using the compost tea in my Water Bottle Drip-Feeder the bottom two inches of the bag corner will serve as a sump to collect stray bits of soil or castings.

Iím betting that the worms will stay away from the wetness at the base of the bag and wonít venture into my collector tube.


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