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Christopher Greaves

Kitchen Ecology and the Carry-In-Carry-Out Philosophy

This series of notes describes methods for reducing disposal of matter from a single-family dwelling. The model described is a single-occupant apartment, but the model is extensible to a large family unit, and to multiple units.

I have based this system on my visit to Letchworth State Park and Mount Morris Dam in New York State. I am impressed with their "Carry In, Carry Out" philosophy, and decided to bring that philosophy into my home in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

If you’ve read my notes on SUFE (Second Use For Everything) you’ll recognize Kitchen Ecology as taking SUFE to the limit for a small group of items – food, paper and water. Every particle that falls within one of those groups is used again, and again.

SUFE - What it is, why you need it

Vermicomposting Shredded Paper

Vermicomposting Cardboard

Vermicomposting a Puzzle

Rebuilding The Balcony Vermicomposter

Restocking The Balcony Vermicomposter

Tapered Vermicomposter

Monitoring The Balcony Vermicomposter

More about Carry-in, Carry-Out

New York State’s Department of Environmental Conservation

Delaware State Parks

Ohio State Parks

Wisconsin State Parks


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