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The Quadraphonic Amplifier

Recycling, the blue recycling bin, is possibly the worst environmental blow to hit Toronto Ė and maybe your city Ė in the past thirty years. ďItís not garbageĒ is a perpetual cry from the environmental side. In these pages I will bring you examples of WHY this ďBlue BinĒ mentality should be stopped. Sadly, Iíll be competing against an entrenched multi-million dollar program of indoctrination.

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HPIM4006.JPG

Here is a Noresco quadraphonic tuner/amp I picked up out of the recycling bin. It is perched on top of my old computer, the ďBig beige BoxĒ, which serves as a juke box, streaming music 24/7.

The usual controls and then some.

The left-most push-button is the on/off switch, and the amplifier is turned on and makes beautiful sound.

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HPIM4007.JPG

A poor shot; I was trying to show how clean the amplifier is; no scratches, no gummy finger marks.

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HPIM4010.JPG

Hereís a rear-view. More connectors than Iíve ever seen on an amplifier.

They start at ďPhonoĒ, hidden by the AM aerial, and continue to ďTape OutĒ

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HPIM4011.JPG

And they are lined up in PAIRS of course!

So what is wrong with the amplifier/

As far as I can see, only this: When the on/off button is pushed, it locks into depressed mode, power come son, sound comes out. When the on/off button is pressed a second time, it does NOT unlock and pop out, power is NOT turned off.

I can fix that, Iím sure, but for now, it powers off via the master power-bar on my desk each night, along with the scanner, mug-warmer, desk-light, monitor and the rest of them.


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