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Christopher Greaves

The Coffee-Maker

Recycling, the blue recycling bin, is possibly the worst environmental blow to hit Toronto Ė and maybe your city Ė in the past thirty years. ďItís not garbageĒ is a perpetual cry from the environmental side. In these pages I will bring you examples of WHY this ďBlue BinĒ mentality should be stopped. Sadly, Iíll be competing against an entrenched multi-million dollar program of indoctrination.

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HPIM4131.JPG

Here is a Sunbeam Model Drip-maker pulled from the recycle bin.

I plugged the cable into a wall socket and saw the machine light up, so I figured that it was getting power.

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HPIM4132.JPG

Here it is plugged in and ready-to-go, with the old $2 DeLongho maker in the background. When the lid broke on that, the manufacturerís supply company ripped me off for $18. Never again!

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HPIM4133.JPG

The Sunbeam did not arrive with a re-usable filter, so I have made a temporary filter from a piece of linen.

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HPIM4134.JPG

The spigot rotates out of the way, so I place my cloth, add two teaspoons of ground coffee and let Ďer rip!

Thatís drip coffee being made right before my eyes.

No repairs needed.

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HPIM4135.JPG

Looking Good!

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HPIM4136.JPG

And hereís my first mug, just SEVEN MINUTES after plugging in the maker, Iíve got it all worked out.

And it works.

So what was wrong with it?? I donít yet know. It lacks a filter basket, or else requires an endless-supply of special coffee filter cones, which Iím not prepared to buy.

Once I obtain a copy of the manual Iíll check out all the programmable buttons ...


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