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The Books

Recycling, the blue recycling bin, is possibly the worst environmental blow to hit Toronto – and maybe your city – in the past thirty years. “It’s not garbage” is a perpetual cry from the environmental side. In these pages I will bring you examples of WHY this “Blue Bin” mentality should be stopped. Sadly, I’ll be competing against an entrenched multi-million dollar program of indoctrination.

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HPIM4012.JPG

On my out the door to do some shopping I noticed bags piled alongside our recycle bin.


Two bundle-buggy loads of them, as it turned out.

We had a thundershower last night, so some of the books are slightly water-damaged.

All the more insane that someone would throw out perfectly good books.

How good?

Read on, dear reader, read on!

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HPIM4013.JPG

I haven’t counted them, but they stretch for 5˝ book bays; that’s eleven feet of books.

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HPIM4020.JPG

Here follow a series of photos.

I tried to get each spine title in focus so that local people can spot a book they need to complete their collection and call me for it.

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HPIM4021.JPG

Stephen King!

And a book on programming theory and practice – that’s for me.

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HPIM4022.JPG

Look at the quality of the material. Most of these books have spotless dust jackets.

Tell @MargaretAtwood that you saw one of her books here.

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HPIM4023.JPG

Dick Francis!

The six “student notes” are the worst damaged; they seem to have soaked up most of the rain water; still they’d make a good disposable book on a train or plane-trip.

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HPIM4024.JPG

Danielle Steel! Not my style, but widely read by some.

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HPIM4025.JPG

Tell @MargaretAtwood that you saw one of her books here.

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HPIM4026.JPG

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HPIM4027.JPG

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HPIM4028.JPG

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HPIM4029.JPG

Here come the Readers Digest condensed books; not all the titles are legible.

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HPIM4030.JPG

People despise RDC books, but I think that they make great traveling companions, and when you’re finished with one, you can leave it on a seat for someone else to enjoy.

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HPIM4031.JPG

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HPIM4032.JPG

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HR014014.JPG

Here’s a another pass, trying to make legible a few more titles.

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HR014015.JPG

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HR014016.JPG

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HR014017.JPG

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_HR014018.JPG

Christopher Greaves RecyclingBAD_SR014019.JPG

And here we are, all the books except the Readers Digest condensed books, stitched together in one photo.


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