"I'll see you at seven I miss you",

I said as you hung up the 'phone

"There's a song of it way out there somewhere"

And it ought not to be all alone.

So for more than two hours while I'm waiting

I'll hunt out those words in my head,

For its better than sitting here hating

That we're not both curled up in a bed.

"I'll see you at seven" I'll kiss you

The moment I walk in the door,

And you should be glad of your company

That you're not wrestled down to the floor,

For I've never let go of you, ever,

When I've not dreamed to hold you again,

And it probably goes on forever,

And forever until who-knows-when.

I'll see you at seven "It is you!",

You'll scream as I come into sight,

And we'll set off in my car to Bloor Street

To shop and to coffee the night.

The stores may be opened or closing

It matters a whit not to me

For I will dance long to the music

That brings you this song, as you see.