It has been two glorious months now

Since the night we met for coffee

With your friend, my friend who as a

Very gracious intermediary

Acted to bring us together

For a second time at which point

We were very much left to our

Own devices as to what and

Why this friendship might develop

To the point where now it seems to

Be more natural when Iím with you

Than to spend the days apart like

This so distant and remote and

Yet embedded in my mind and

In my longing for your presence

That you are not far away

Excepting for my hands and arms

That they do hunger for your comfort

And my mind sends out the signals

Through the śther just in case your

Mindís receptive to the message

That my soul would be delighted

By the vision of your standing

In the flesh right here before me

That again I could embrace you

In an instant, hold you close

Against my body, not release you

For a moment, nor acknowledge

Any other who is with you

Or is near you, for my mind is

Focussed solely on the facets

That endear you to me daily

By the hour when I am cooped up

In my bower, winged for love yet

Winged by romance; ripe for loving

Yet not wanting to be near to

Any other except you

My Darling Betty.