South of Alaska the wind blows cold

But the plane grinds through the sky.

The farthest North I've ever been

As I southbound, homeward fly.

By a curious, timely twist of fate

I am brought back to your shore

And whether or not I arrive too late

I'll be changed for ever more.

South of Alaska the wind blows strong

But the 'plane won't find the night

For the earth spins 'round and the day is long

On this grueling three-day flight.

I retrace my steps of ten years ago

Now an older, sober man

And I ponder, wonder if you know

That I follow a heavenly plan.

South of Alaska the Kurils stretch

They deflect me from the Pole

And I sense the gentle southward fetch

As I travel to mend my soul.

You'll be waiting there with a love untold

And with arms to welcome me.

South of Alaska the wind blows cold

And it blows to set me free.