Death to all in-flight movies, blinds drawn down,

To anything that hides me from the dawn

Down with all who would keep me from the sight

And damn all those who'd keep me in the night.

Be damned all those who'd blinden me my vision

Down with those who'd kill my love of living.

To those who'd answer questions I've not asked

Be damned, at last, I'll take you all to task.

Close by me slides the West Australian coast

First view, eleven years. Of where I love the most.

But I'm ensconced with cretins that don't care

They'd rather watch a movie in the air.

This lofty perch, near forty thousand feet

Gives me a view of heaven beneath my feet.

Look here! From over thirteen thousand metres

Comes this red land below, stretched out to greet us.

Were I in charge, I'd place all seats by window

And facing out, force all to see below

To see spread out before them, simply grand,

The vast expanse of country as God planned.

Out there lie all the salt pans, roads and dwellings.

In here the bellies, brains and feet a-swelling.

Oh grant, God, that the movie soon be ended

That I may see my land, as God intended.

Dry-bedded rivers, salt pans, tiny towns

From here dead flat, from there with ups and downs.

North-West highway, straight, and black and narrow

Points down to Perth before us, like an arrow.

Soon comes Bluff Point, where once my Dad was rector.

From here, I'll be the filial inspector.

After I land, some days from now, I'll tell him

That I could or could not see our family dwelling.

The movie's ended, around me come the voices

In strong Australian accents, each rejoices

And bends to catch a glimpse of red-soaked earth

No matter what their age, or sex, or girth.

I calculate we're just by Geraldton,

And that must mean my journey'll soon be done.

Sixty-six hours en-route to see my mother

And greet my sister as her long-lost brother.