I see the waitress daily, when I go out to lunch.

Sheís one of many people I refer to as my bunch

Inhabiting my village, fifty miles from side to side

And I only get to see them all when in my car I ride

For I am a Bold Consultant! Doing jobs around the city

I drive the Q.E.W. and the 403 (so pretty!)

And when Iím at your office solving problems, being fey,

I always take my luncheon in the localís own cafť.

The only link between them all should they be so reliant

Is my travelling, and hence its impact made upon my client.

And no one cares at all about the web that I have wove,

Excepting me, as I reflect on all the roads Iíve drove.

So nebulous a concept, (yet without it I must fast)

Is this network of small restaurants where I make my repas.

So next time that you see me pull into the shopping place

Youíll understand the look of pure contentment on my face.