The mayor strides into the local church for the Anniversary Bash,

And his wife looks fine, they arrive on time, and they seek to cut a Dash.

And I'm in the front row pew, by chance, so they come and they sit by Me

'Cause they both want the congregation, all, to see them bend the Knee.

The mayor and his wife don't know the form, so I give them a Large Print Book

And the mayor's wife smiles, and her smile beguiles. But he gives me a filthy Look,

For he's the mayor and should be aware without being given a Hint,

That in churches, and courts and in politicks, he needs help with the finer Print.

The offert'ry thirst reaches us three first, and the mayor and his wife make a Splash

By digging in deep and coming out strong and they each put in two dollars - Cash!

Which gives me the drive to put my five in an envelope marked with my Name.

'Cause I like to be neat and to get the receipt from Caesar's Taxation Game.

So I smile to myself, with an inward grin, for He comes but once a Year,

And the municipal munificence bill is hardly the price of a Beer.

While the spousal bolt has not quite the jolt of a dab of a perfumed Splash.

But my five times fifty-two could easily pay for the Festal Bash.

The mayor and his smile drift down the aisle towards the Western Door

And the crowd press close to see who's the most time to spend, and who can get More.

He shakes the wrist of the locum priest, then leaves with his head held High

While I come home to finish this poem, and to ponder upon his Lie.

The mayor and his friend no doubt will attend every local social Occasion

And if you ask me, it's plain to see why he doesn't need strong Persuasion

For in politicks you must use all the tricks that are worthy ever of Mention

And it worked, you see, for I noticed he, and remark on his Sunday Intention!