There's a girl out there with dazzling hair, and a voice like a mohair sweater,

All soft and warm, with a glorious form, and I know that I'm going to get her.

She's fast and bright and the spiritual light shines through her eyes like lightning.

But I'm none too bold, and I'm lots too old, and my prospect's growing frightening.

It's been a while since I had a smile to greet me at the door

And I'd give a lot for a welcome, hot, and a meal, and a little bit more.

But where to start with a broken heart and a feeling of general distrust?

It bodes me ill when I know that my skill in dating has gone to rust.

I can chat up and tease with consummate ease in the line at the supermarket.

With basket in hand I'm simply grand, I just trot out my quip and I park it

Full blind in her mind, and she's sweet and kind, and then it's my time to go,

So I say good-bye, and inside I die, 'cause I leave with nothing to show.

And what the heck's with the matter of sex? It's normal to chat up a lady.

And I know that she knows that I know how it goes, so there's nothing to speak of that's shady.

I mean, we're not green, and proven it's been, that if I find her attractive

And she finds me, well, ultimately, we're bound to be sexually active.

Let me call her up, suggest that we sup, either locally or downtown.

Let there be a smile for most of the while, and rarely a chance for a frown.

A walk in the park as the sky grows dark, and the moon serenades with its shine

Or any of these, but God! Hurry, Please!! I'm nearing the end of my line.