The First Time, ever I saw your face

You were curled up in a cage, back seat of her car.

Trembling and scared in the winter night,

You’d traveled a distance that seemed so far

Far from the house with the Christmas Tree lights

Out on the highway with darkness and fright

Thundering rigs and roaring cars

Then to a stop in the visitor’s lot

A call on a cell-phone

“Hurry on down, he’s too heavy, I can’t lift him”

Then for the first time you gained a hint

Of what was in store, for The Man loomed large

And gruff, and angry; loomed by the side of the car and looked in,

Disgusted at what he saw.

Your worldly possessions there on the floor

And you, trembling, cowering, frightened, too scared to speak out, to be enlightened.

Gently they lifted you, tenderly rushed through the falling snow

To the back door, speaking in hushed tones,

A ride in the elevator to the top floor,

Fumbling with keys in the locks in the doors.