The candle is dripping! Come quick! Come Quick!!

Itís spitting, itís spitting! the wick! The Wick!!

Now I must explain to her, just how the water

Got into the candle, my curious daughter.

I hear a fire truck! Run! Run!!

To the front window! Here they come!

Roar down our street with their banshee sirens

Bestirring our neighbourhood and the environs.

Would you help me finish my dinner please?

Sure my pet, come here and sit here on my knees

Iíll shovel each spoonful into your mouth

And you swallow it down from the north to the south.

Time for a nap, letís retire to the bed

Iíll read us a library book, you lay your head

Where you usually lay it dear, here on my shoulder

And Iíll store up the memíries for when I am older

And now she is sleeping, at peace in my dormer

Weíre covered in blankets to keep ourselves warmer.

In about half an hour Iíll awake her Ė no haste

I have thirty more minutes to gaze on her face.