Do You Love me? I do, but canít.

I want to do the Love Things, But today we shanít.

We canít get together, we didnít make a date, so

This the situation that Iíve grown to hate

If you love me, or, to confess,

Mereley love my company, in tenderness

Then maybe we could make a plan,

Set aside hours, woman and man.

Set, several days ahead, in advance,

Instead of discovery this day, by chance,

That someone else had asked to be

With me for a while, thatís ĎIf youíre freeĒ.

I looked, I saw my schedule bare

So said ďOK, then; Iíll be thereĒ

And so I will, Iíll be with him,

Instead of you, upon a whim.