Today there's a letter from Susan.

So what shall I do now with this?

It's been half a year since I last had

A feast of her eyes, or a kiss.

She writes of a concert - "If you're free,"

"Bring a friend along with you. Enjoy".

But I'm not, and I haven't, and couldn't.

I'm a miserable sort of boy.

We spoke on the 'phone very briefly -

She sings in the choir. It is fun.

"My life", I responded, "Is chiefly"

Full of business. I keep on the run".

We didn't discuss of a meeting

For coffee or tea, or a chat.

Just, quickly got over the greeting.

"How are you?" - and left it at that.

In a donut pavilion off Coxwell

I sit in a smoke filled cocoon,

Just passing the time before night class,

And after the class of the noon.

She's probably heading for choir now,

Or to pick up the dog from the vet,

And I'm here, pretending, as usual,

How easily I can forget.