Soon I'll be gone, but not the way I'd planned it.

Gone in some haste, please try to understand it.

Now in my life,

Unhappy with the strife

That comes between us.

Up in the air, away above the clouds,

Far from the care and clamor of the crowds,

Up climbs the jet.

I'm going, yet

There's love between us.

Trails of spent fuel, the passage of my going.

Blinking like jewels, the wing tips of the Boeing.

Up, out of sight,

Hidden like the night,

This link between us.

Some time this day, high up above the ocean

I'll join a new world by virtue of the motion.

My journey's end,

Far from you, my friend,

Vastness between us.

I must return, Oh 'plane! In haste, complete me.

Be there, once more, light of my life to greet me.

Quicken my pace,

There to embrace -

Nothing between us!