Romeo and Juliet

It took a book published in ninety-three

A century ago and more, you see,

By Brainerd Kellogg, now long-time deceased

Whose words today my knowledge has increased

In eighteen ninety three, the published date

Of Charles E Merrill's book, as I'll relate

He speaks of stress, or accent, in a rhythm

And lines of five parts, pairs of words, within 'em

An hence “pentameter", and as I read

The up-and-downness crept into my head

Romeo and Juliet, too short

Yet metrical as I have learned they ought.

So to The prologue as I turn the page

Armed with my new-found knowledge so I wage:

"Two households both alike in dignity"

"de-dah, de-dah, de-dah, de-dah, de-dee"

It fits – I see the stress, accent and meter

I'll essay once again, oh Brave Repeater!

"In fair Verona where we lay our scene"

"de-dah, de-dah, de-dah, de-dah, de-dee"

For all my life – and yet I never knew

Until I bought this book, in turquoise hue

Two dollars at some store up-state New York