Linda wakes in the morning, yawning,

Strokes the cat, feet on mat

Starts the day in the usual way

Scans the sky, to the cat says "Hi!",

Scratches herself, the cute little elf!

Then she turns on the computer.

Linda looks, in the daybreak, may make

Replies if he's sent mail. Rain or hail,

It don't get wet on the InterNet,

Not even damp, and it don't need a stamp!

He sometimes writes while she's asleep,

Lots of laughter, not too deep.

His thoughts reveal himself to her.

She knows his name - it's "Christopher!"

Fernando blinks, it's not his name,

So what's her game?

Why does she call him that? This cat?

Sunshine hesitates, it waits, uncertain,

Until she pulls the curtain,

Scans the sky with but one eye

The other on the screen,

Until it's up, the beige machine.

So, down she sits and hits the bits

Of data to gain access.