Drive downtown and think of Lily,

In the right lane, driving gently.

See her hat and feel quite silly

Hoping that we'll meet again.

I think of Lily.

Go to bed and think of Lily.

Dream her head upon my shoulder,

Curled around her - if I'd told her

Just how much I think of Lily.

In my house I think of Lily.

Make a cup of tea, don't drink it.

Wish her here to share it with me.

One day she might - dare I think it?

Drinking tea I've made for Lily.

At my desk I think of Lily.

See her red curls, smiling eyes and

See her head turn, smile upon me.

All I do is think of Lily,

When I really should be working.

Making lunch I think of Lily.

Does she like the food I'm making?

Would she eat the pie I'm baking?

Spicy, feisty, Piccalilli.