Timbre-ly, Kimberly skips down the street

Hips swing, skirts fling, she's going to meet

Harold in the mailroom later in the day

Sunlight shines upon her as she goes upon her way.

Moping, Sloping, Harold joins the queue

For his morning coffee, wondering what to do.

His quest: Pert Breast under Flashing Eyes.

His frown, turned down, how could he survive?

Later in the morning how she wants to greet him,

Hears the trolley rattle and her heart leaps up to meet him,

Swinging 'round the corner, tossing on her tray

Daily mail and comment, "How are you today?".

Lasted but an instant - off he goes again.

She's left in a vacumn, filling up with pain.

Harold - why not linger, stop and have a chat?

Get to know each other? Nothing wrong with that!

In the elevator, Harold does descend

Back down to the mailroom, to staple, fold and bend.

Later in the morning, Harold has a hunch

That if the sun is shining he will meet her out at lunch.