It's half-past one,

The day half-gone,

I can't get done all the things I ought.

Again, the day seems much too short

It's half past one

The ham sandwich is gone

It's time to hit the subway train

Home again.

An hour from now, I'll be home somehow

By train and by bus and my feet.

At my door Jupiter to greet me.

Some time to remove shirt, tie and shoes,

More time for me to lose.

Lord! Let me not fret if I take time to pet

He who waits for me, Berates me

For leaving him alone, without me.

Does he doubt me?

I told him I'd be "Back in a little while",

And although he'll never smile

It breaks my heart to leave him; It breaks my heart to grieve him;

It makes my day to scoop him up

To bury my face in his fur

The better to hear him purr

Cradled in my arms.

Let me take time to remind him

"I'm home again, to be with my pussy-cat companion".

"I'm home again, tubby, with my pussy-cat companion".

Because I've eaten lunch and put on weight

And now it's late

I'll get little done with what's left of the afternoon

My day escapes too soon.

Too soon it's gone.

And already it's half past one!