I have climbed the Hill Of Energy

I have built each molecule from the sun.

Been fruitful from fruits,

Been drunk from the vine,

Sung with lungs filled with the flow of the jet stream

Struggled and stumbled in the sun

Coasted on cloudy days

Showered in the rain

The gift of sunshine and the grace of stored sunshine

Has built my bones,

Sculpted my skin,

Thrust my teeth through gums

And lengthened my legs.

Now I offer each cell of this body

To fuel some part of its universe.

My blossoms are paper and pencil.

My ideas drift like seeds between our minds;

Plant them and watch them grow.

These books are gleanings from the harvest of past souls.

This skein of skin has tasted the juice of sunshine.

Each flake of skin that nourishes a cockroach,

Each hair that drifts to nest a mouse,

Moves in dissolution to indissoluble energy of the universe.