When I die, please let me depart in peace

Not in pain.

Death for me is a once-in-a-lifetime offer

No chance to play-it-again.

Iíd like my passing to pass proper

Not as an organized show-stopper

I donít know how or when Iíll die

Or how the audience will receive me,

And when the curtain falls

ĎTwill be too late to reason why.

Thereís just one chance, no time to dance

Around the possibilities

Thereís just one path for one last-laugh.

Forget the sensibilities

I donít like pain, and I donít like rain,

I do like fun, blue sky, and sun

So when itís time to draw the line

Please let me depart in peace -

Remember me for these -

ďSunny days, funny ways,

A warm embrace, a tender kissĒ

Then let it end.

Like this.