Your hair looks great, youíve lost some weight, that dress just suits you fine.

And I can tell youíve slept so well - you sparkle like the wine.

Until we met I could not get a thing to go just right,

But now it seems that all my dreams are coming true tonight.

Your skinís so soft, your hair well-coiffed, the highlights in your hair

Offset your smile, for all the while your voice as light as air.

Your hand in touch thrills me so much when we stroll side by side.

Round your slim waist my hands apace say things I dare not hide.

Your lips are sweet, your kiss to greet thrills me each time anew;

And in the park as it grows dark Iím growing fond of you.

You turn me on; you make me young; you give new lease on life.

And when itís rough you make me tough, and see me through the strife.

I thought that I Ö I thought that we Ö It doesnít matter now;

Those things are past, youíre here at last, thatís all that counts, somehow.

Thereís naught to do, thereís naught to want, thereís nothing to be said,

So letís not roam, letís go straight home and nestle on your bed.