When the sun rises over the rooftops

Painting yellow wherever it goes

On the bricks, on the glass, on the dry brown grass,

On the burlap that wraps the rose,

Then I pause in my early morning

And I picture you curled-up tight

So the end of the night wakes my appetite:

Come share your bread with me.

When the heat hangs high in the blue sky

And the clouds have scattered away

When the air is fresh, when the air is sweet,

When the time is the time for play,

Then I ache to get up and get going,

To be close to wherever you are.

So my thoughts take flight to be in your sight:

Come share your head with me.

When the moon lies low like a pillow,

Coloured straw, softer, soft as down,

And the stillness floats like a blanket

To deaden the sounds of town.

And the angel stars make an entrance,

As ten thousand eyes in the sky,

I would take delight in your arms wrapped tight:

Come share your bed with me.

Companionship: Fr Compaignon and Copain, from Latin Panis for bread. Hence to share (bread).