Oh! Sweet and rapt’rous Chloe!

I sing in praise which gloe!

For you alone, and not by chance

Have rid this house of habitants

Which threatened our existence.

Oh Chloe! Sweet of rapture!

You did effect the capture

Of wily rodent in a moment.

I kneel before you, brave proponent

Of infinite persistence.

You, cat, sat on the mat,

And doubtless pondered at

My human failing, urgent wailing,

Vermin climbing up the curtain

While you, feline, supinely certain

Followed your agenda.

A mortal human, I,

Weak in reflex and eye,

Grant you my house and home and hearth

And humble hacienda.

Chloe - Later that evening

Oh cat of foetid mien!

Cause d’effet of vented spleen

With belly fat from indolence

And wretched grin of insolence,

You let the rodent go!

I was assured by David, rapper,

That he had here heuristic trapper;

Yet all we see, the battle fought

of mice is zero, zilch, naught, aught,

Except for gluttinous Chloe.

The space you use we could have populated

With mousetraps had your folks not copulated.

And what a waste of sexual ardour

To make a drain on David’s larder

Depleting every shelf.

The time has come, oh Felix Gros,

To speak out plain, and not verbose

“You have consumed too much too long”

So this the tenor of my song

“Go catch your food yourself!”.