She doesn't wear a wedding ring; He orders just a beer,

The baby balks, won't take a drink, The toddler, with a leer

Crawls underneath the table, where he sits and sucks his thumb,

And I wait with growing terror for the battle that's to come.

She doesn't take her coat off, holds the baby to her chest

While he assumes the role of unanticipated guest

The little boy stays quiet while his Daddy sups the draft.

My guess? It's been two years or more since either of them laughed.

A passing glance! A fleeting smile!! A coffee after dark!!!

A day out on the island and a stroll within the park.

Before they even know it, I'm a witness to their life.

The downward turning mouth, the sulks, the advent of some strife.

Her words collect intensity - She didn't sleep last night.

He tries to win her over, charming, flashy, eyes alight.

But she's not buying smoothing words. As mother, she knows best,

And clutches, ever tighter, her small baby to her breast.

Yes, all across the city there's an increase in the tension

We wait for Father Christmas with a gloomy apprehension.

The money's tight; the love is gone; the future's looking bleak.

Thank God that baby Jesus' birth will pass within a week!