"Be quick! We have but twenty minutes", he called, as they both took their seats,

"So bring me a draft in a hurry - and a Molson's would make it complete".

The loud leather jacket starts talking, the blonde sips, and joins in the chat,

And I quietly read my newspaper, and begin to observe "where it's at".

They talk about "cards" and of "mon'tors", at three of a damp afternoon,

And I guess they must speed up their drinking if they're due to depart very soon,

He holds his strong views with authority, she agrees when it pleases her to,

And I wonder, this hour of the workday, is this what all businessmen do?

Twenty minutes have passed, so "Halloo there!" he booms forth for the barman's attention,

"One more draft - and the bill in a hurry", "And a Molson's too, now that you mention".

Two more beers, and how quickly they gulp them, and she says "Now what I really need

"Is ten bar bills to take away with me!" - Such a blatant expression of greed.

Ten blank bills to be filled in much later, and submitted as "travel expense",

And she asks again of the bar-waiter, and I hold my breath in, in suspense.

"I don't have them", he says, and "I'm sorry", and they're both looking sorry as well,

They had hoped for four beers and cash payment from the company, as I can tell.

I don't want to do business with those guys, by their manner they're not too reliant,

If they'll cheat from their boss and accountant, just think what they'll do to their client!

You may think it an arduous venture to determine a man void of sin,

If you want one I'll take you to meet him: minds the bar at the Valhalla Inn.