Back in the city again,

Staring from the office at the far side of the street,

Looking down on people looking down on their own feet.

Stuart asks me how I feel, I answer from afar,

"I'm in Utah".

I'm in Utah, in my mind,

Where, just one month ago I stared open mouthed, at mountains

Rising high and leaning slow,

Words like "massive" are too weak to describe the tallus slopes.

Mountains, Anvils of my dreams, and the Icons of my hopes.

I'm in Utah, where the air is hot and dry, the road is long.

I'm in Utah, where each mile will take me further from the throng.

I'm in Utah, where the passes wind for sixteen miles or more -

I'm at work again, and Oh! I find it such a draining bore.


My heart's in Colorado, where the river's running red

And the canyons raise their cliffs two thousand feet above my head

Where the sunlight paints the rock face different colours every hour

Where the rain clouds gather, tremble, but they very rarely shower.

My heart's in Colorado, on the highway, through the pass,

Stopped along the thundering brook, mixed like molten, liquid glass,

Where the rocks ride to the roadway,

Down the slopes of shifting scree,

And there's no-one in the distance,

Just the road,

My God,

And me.


"One mile ahead, next right"

Still there is time to scan the folded map,

To think real fast, co-ordinate a plan.

"One mile ahead"

I could stop, take a room, rest my feet and my back -

But no, I keep driving along the eastward track.

"Ten miles ahead, truck stop, Cherokee"; not heard of them before.

It's two in the morning on 40, and the hunger continues to gnaw.

Nine minutes of reflection of my gut's sore need for food

To contemplate expenses, two more minutes while I brood.

"One mile ahead" and the hook's in! Roll in to the truck-stop lot.

I hope for a seat, some human noise, and a meal that's piping hot.

I owe myself this meal break, meat and veg will do me fine,

I enter, I take my seat, read the menu and want to dine.

"Hi, how are you?" "Well, I'm hungry!"

"Well OK! So you're in the right place".

There's a plastic-sheet covered book-menu,

Hot coffee, a smile, and a face.

Two minutes later I've ordered the steak

With a bread roll, potato, just baked,

The ringing has stopped, my shoulders have dropped

And the worst of my thirst has been slaked.