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OEM Add-ons ( Home )

As youíd expect, there are two classes of add-ons Ė generic and OEM.

Christopher Greaves Pizza-ElectricEffect_HPIM3984.JPG

To the front is the generic add-on, supplied by your local diner (mine is The Montreal Deli ) at no cost.

To the back is the typical expensive OEM add-on that you can get at almost any pizza store or expensive supermarket.

Christopher Greaves Pizza-ElectricEffect_HPIM3985.JPG

Hereís the generic brand, making a snug fit in the laptop cavity. No more mozzarella on the metal plating, eh?

Christopher Greaves Pizza-ElectricEffect_HPIM3986.JPG

Here is how we got it to be a snug fit.

Cardboard scraps go into the vermicomposter.

Christopher Greaves Pizza-ElectricEffect_HPIM3987.JPG

And hereís the OEM; same snug fit.

Beats me why people would pay extra to have an anonymous teenager come to the door instead of having Joan come to your table.


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