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Christopher Greaves

Kalamazoo and the CB Radio

So there I am, woke up in Kalamazoo , Michigan at 5 a.m., made a quick coffee, and hit the highway 94, Westbound on my way to Seattle.

I’d not gone ten miles when I crested a rise and saw before me, brilliant in the risen sun light, a single lane of traffic stretching beyond the next ridge, a single row of orange cones, and an single lane devoid of traffic. And of workmen or equipment.


A slowdown, and on my first full day of my driving holiday, too.

The signs read “Ten Miles”. Ten miles of crawling traffic, me, big trucks, camper-vans, horse-trailers.

Naturally I grab the microphone of the CB radio, press the button, and with only one mug of coffee, and instant at that, inside me, moan “How do these bastards know to start road works on the first day of my vacation?”

Quick as a flash a grizzled veteran of The Big Road snaps back at me:-

“If you’re on vacation, what’s your hurry?”

He had a point.


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Toronto, Friday, August 14, 2015 12:53 PM

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