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Christopher Greaves

Eat, Pee, Drink, Gas

So I began to reflect on where my time went each day.

I rose early and went to bed late, so I didnt begrudge my time sleeping in bed. By reducing that time Id maximized my time on the road, enjoying the sights.

Id made for myself a kitchen-in-a-box, that sat on the passenger seat. It included an electric water jug that plugged into the cigarette lighter, so that I could make myself tea or coffee on-the-go, no need to pull off the highway and find a caf.

I had sachets of oatmeal and noodles so that I could make snacks.

And I needed to stop for a full fuel-me-up meal only once a day; you dont burn much bodily energy when you sit behind the wheel all day.

That meal usually set me back an hour, because Id fill up with gas at that time, walk around a bit, stretch my legs.

I wracked my brain to find other time-wasters and then it dawned on me Stopping for gas could be seen as a waste of time.

Think about it: Who likes stopping for gas? If stopping for gas was fun, I could just drive round and round the city on the ring-road until I was low on gas, then fill up and drive again.

Stopping for gas is no fun whatsoever on a driving holiday; it takes money out of your wallet, and tears precious time away from your vacation.

I decided I would not stop for gas.

A complete waste of time.


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