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Christopher Greaves

Don't Brake

I promote the avoidance of braking while driving, and before you die laughing, let me explain.

Ask anyone who has recently been involved in a collision (there are no accidents!), injurious or fender-bender, what is the last thing they remember doing before the crunch came, and they’ll tell you this:-

“Slamming on the brakes”.

The last desperate act is to slam on the brakes.

Now it does not follow directly that NOT slamming on the brakes will avoid collisions, but it does suggest that braking as a last resort is not a successful strategy for driving.

In the true story Belleville No Brakes I described an incident in my life back in 1994, and in these pages I want to let you see that avoiding the use of brakes will lead you to a better driving experience and a better life.

Come along with me.

You can try these methods as we go along, or if you prefer, you can spend a few weeks merely observing what I relate, until you are satisfied that it is true.

Do I ever use the brakes?

Sure I do. There are times when braking to a stop is absolutely essential, but far too many people over-brake, or use their brakes as the ONLY alternative to accelerating, and therein lies the problem.

I can help you to reduce your fuel bills by as much as 20%.

I can help you to reduce your brake, steering and engine maintenance too.

And I can get you to work and back (or over to Auntie Flo’s and back) with spouse AND kids, leaving you as fresh as when you started.

And if you thought you’d need five days to reach San Diego, you’ll reach it in only four AND be less tired.

I promise you.


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