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Brakes and Clutch Last Longer

In Start in 2nd, shift to 5th I claimed that we should start in 2nd gear and change straight into 5th.

Objections are that the clutch has to “do more work” and you are “more likely to burn it out with the greater transitional load”.

I think not.

For one thing you are reducing the frequency of clutch use to only 25% of the original use. Instead of changing 1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd, 3rd to 4th, 4th to 5th, you are making only one change, 2nd to 5th.

As well, you are making a smooth change; you are not asking the clutch to drag the two shafts violently into conformity, so while I will acknowledge the possibility of a perceptible increase in clutch wear for each time it is used, I believe that this is offset greatly by the reduced frequency of use.

How do I know this?

The clutch on my little car gave out after more than 200,000 Km, and John Egner expressed surprise that it had lasted so long.

Brakes Last Longer

If you can, and you can, reduce the use of your brakes, it follows that your brakes are going to last longer.

Watch those brake lights ahead of you. Every time a driver brakes, a little bit of wear-and-tear reduces the effectiveness of the brake pads, disks, drums, whatever, and that means an earlier trip to the mechanic at your local garage.


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