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Tomato Juice

You like tomato juice but don’t like paying $4.30 for a 1.89 Liter bottle?

Make your own!

Christopher Greaves TOMATOJUICE_GEDC1637.JPG

For my first attempt I used a 28 oz (800 ml) can of crushed tomatoes. Normal price $0.99 at my local No Frills supermarket. I have a feeling that I’ve picked them up on special for $0.67.

The original tomato juice bottle is washed, rinsed and dried, and stands behind the salt, crushed tomatoes, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, chili, black pepper, basil, parsley, curry and garlic salt.

And no, I don’t recommend you use all of these; my tendency is to toss in a bit of whatever is handy.

Christopher Greaves TOMATOJUICE_GEDC1638.JPG

I emptied the can of crushed tomatoes into the blender, which leaves the can with a residue of tomato pulp.

Christopher Greaves TOMATOJUICE_GEDC1639.JPG

All measurements are of level teaspoons. Here I am working my way from left to right, adding a level teaspoon of salt.

Christopher Greaves TOMATOJUICE_GEDC1641.JPG

A teaspoon of basil and a teaspoon of parsley were dropped into a mug, topped up with hot water, brought to the boil in the microwave, and steeped for five minutes before being strained into the can.

Christopher Greaves TOMATOJUICE_GEDC1642.JPG

I added four sachets of sugar to the can.

Christopher Greaves TOMATOJUICE_GEDC1643.JPG

I added a teaspoon each of ground black pepper, Worcestershire sauce and soy sauce.

Christopher Greaves TOMATOJUICE_GEDC1644.JPG

The can is now half-full with a spicy tea. I stirred it and used the teaspoon to bring down tomato pulp from the side of the can. I’m stingy!

Christopher Greaves TOMATOJUICE_GEDC1645.JPG

Added to the 28 oz of pulp in the blender, this took the blender contents from 0.75 liters to 1.25 liters.

Christopher Greaves TOMATOJUICE_GEDC1646.JPG

Blended and funneled into a temporary storage jar, I then added a can of water into the empty blender and blended that to rinse the blades. (See also “stingy” above).

Christopher Greaves TOMATOJUICE_GEDC1647.JPG

After a gentle shake of the storage jar I was ready to funnel the mix into the original tomato juice bottle.

Perfect volume!

How did it taste? A bit too “bitey” for my palate. I would skip the soy sauce and perhaps the salt next time.

The word of caution is, of course, start off with a little of a few ingredients and each time add another flavoring until you achieve a taste that works for you!

Oh yes, say $0.99 for the can of juice and $0.15 tops for the pinches of flavouring. Better than $4.29.


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