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Rice Steamed

Many of us find it tricky to steam rice. We cook it long or too little or at too high a boil and so on.

There has to be a simpler way.

Christopher Greaves RiceSteamed_HPIM2830.JPG

This is my first stab at a coffee-pot method.

I cleaned out the coffee pot and added a cup of plain white Basmati Rice and two cups hot water.

I put the jug on the plate and turned on the coffee maker.

Of course there is no water in the reservoir, so we are just going to let the whole shebang simmer for two hours at which time the coffee maker automatically shuts off.

Christopher Greaves RiceSteamed_HPIM2831.JPG

Howd I do?

Not bad for a first attempt.

Remember that this is unsalted, unsoaked etc, and Ive made for myself a couple of cups of steamed rice which I will refrigerate and use as a base for salads, custards etc. over the next couple of days.


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