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Raisin Chocolate

Why spend thousands of dollars for expensive chocolates when you can have a near-unlimited supply in your own home?

I purchase slabs of pure milk chocolate at the Bulk Barn in Square one Mississauga. I purchase my raisins at the same place.

Christopher Greaves RAISINCHOCOLATE_GEDC0238.JPG

Christopher Greaves RAISINCHOCOLATE_GEDC0239.JPG

Carve out a chunk of chocolate about four cubic inches. I placed mine in a bowl and found it to be 100g.

Christopher Greaves RAISINCHOCOLATE_GEDC0240.JPG

Melt the chocolate on the mug-warmer next to your computer. I place a small plastic lid to retain the heat and speed the melting process.

Christopher Greaves RAISINCHOCOLATE_GEDC0243.JPG

Once the chocolate is melted (about 30 minutes),

Christopher Greaves RAISINCHOCOLATE_GEDC0241.JPG

Christopher Greaves RAISINCHOCOLATE_GEDC0242.JPG

stir an equal volume of raisins, in my case about 50g, and

Christopher Greaves RAISINCHOCOLATE_GEDC0244.JPG

Christopher Greaves RAISINCHOCOLATE_GEDC0245.JPG

allow the lot to cool, or solidify.

Once it is solid, slide it from the bowl (a bit of hot water might help) and carve it into 4 pieces. I wrap mine in aluminium foil and give a piece to my friend Tony for him to give to his daughter.


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