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Puffy Potatoes

Worried about your weight? Lipids? Cholesterol? What your doctor thinks you are snacking on?

Try Puffy Potatoes.

Christopher Greaves PuffyPotatoes_IMG_20171113_103450813.jpg

You will need one (or more!) four-ounce potato.

Donít sweat the four-ounce nonsense. I put that in because unless you specify ounces it doesnít seem like a recipe, does it?

Also Canada growing its own potatoes in Prince Edward Island, this is probably a Mexican or Californian potato because I bought it in a Toronto Supermarket.

Itís not a baking potato, just a regular white-skinned; the sort you boil to have with your other boiled veg and steamed salmon.

Christopher Greaves PuffyPotatoes_IMG_20171113_103554340.jpg

Slice the potato into, well, into slices, of course. I ended up with nine slices despite what you think you can see in the photo.

Do the math. I aim to get each slice two to three millimetres in thickness. Not flaky, but not Home Fries style either.

Christopher Greaves PuffyPotatoes_IMG_20171113_103651731.jpg

I told you there were nine slices. Here they are spread out on a wire rack on a disreputable baking tray.

I have not coated the slices with anything. No oil, no salt, no nothing!

Just raw potato slices.

Into a pre-heated 400ļ oven (see note above. People wonít have faith in your recipe unless you include the phrase ďpre-heatedĒ somewhere) for about thirty minutes.

Christopher Greaves PuffyPotatoes_IMG_20171113_110940199.jpg

The slice in the right foreground has puffed up wonderfully.

The slice in the left foreground has puffed up partially.

The slice in the left background has started to puff up.

The slice in the right background has been listening to Balakirevís first symphony.

Christopher Greaves PuffyPotatoes_IMG_20171113_110943835.jpg

Not bad for a four-ounce potato.

I sprinkled this batch with a few drops of vinegar because I felt like a treat.

But no salt, and no ketchup.

Just potato, crisp and fluffy.



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