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Poppa’s Pepper Poachers

You like poached eggs but don’t have a poacher? This is better than poached eggs, better than omelet.

Christopher Greaves POPPASPEPPERS_GEDC1114.JPG

You will need eggs, red and/or green peppers, curry powder, salt, pepper, garlic salt, pureed ginger , the usual ...

Christopher Greaves POPPASPEPPERS_GEDC1115.JPG

In a bowl go the eggs, salt and pepper. You can skip the rest if you want to skip the rest.

Christopher Greaves POPPASPEPPERS_GEDC1116.JPG

Make “rings” by slicing the peppers cross-ways. My mistake is usually to make the rings too thin. Two centimeters is about right; just under an inch, although an inch wouldn’t hurt.

Christopher Greaves POPPASPEPPERS_GEDC1117.JPG

I remove the innermost parts of the pith, but leave the ribs for structural stability.

Be honest, when was the last time you heard someone with enough moral fiber to mention “omelets” and “structural stability:” in the same recipe?

Christopher Greaves POPPASPEPPERS_GEDC1118.JPG

Into the frying-pan goes the chopped up onion. Life without fried onions just isn’t worth living.

Christopher Greaves POPPASPEPPERS_GEDC1119.JPG

When they are what I think is called “caramelized”, make a space for the pepper rings.

Christopher Greaves POPPASPEPPERS_GEDC1120.JPG

There they are.

Christopher Greaves POPPASPEPPERS_GEDC1121.JPG

I pour a small amount of the egg mixture into each ring. too much and it will be forced out at the bottom.

As you can see.

I should have put in less mixture, just enough to make a seal at the base of the ring, and then added a bit more mixture.

Oh well, it’s no use crying over spilt, er, egg mixture!

Christopher Greaves POPPASPEPPERS_GEDC1122.JPG

In goes the rest of the egg mixture.

OK, OK! I can see that it’s seeping out of the base. Don’t worry.

Christopher Greaves POPPASPEPPERS_GEDC1123.JPG

Cooking Good Vern!

Christopher Greaves POPPASPEPPERS_GEDC1124.JPG

Next time I might put some of the cooked onions into the rings, so that the egg-mixture cooks onto the onion, and provides a better matrix.

I’m thinking “three parts gravel, 2 parts sand, 1 part cement” here.

Christopher Greaves POPPASPEPPERS_GEDC1125.JPG

If you want to accelerate the cooking of the egg mixture, borrow the lid from the pan of rice that is simmering for tonight’s rice and beetroot salad.

Christopher Greaves POPPASPEPPERS_GEDC1126.JPG

Ta Da!

I cheated, sort of, and flipped the rings to make them “easy over” style.

Yum! In a word.


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