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Oatmeal Bars

Hereís how I make sweet and chewy oatmeal bars.

(I pre-heat the oven to 375 degrees)

Christopher Greaves OatmealBarsHPIM4416.JPG

Ingredients: Flour, Oil, Oatmeal, Sugar, Salt, Molasses, Soda and some pureed ginger.

The ginger is optional, and you could add any number of nutmeg, cinnamon, and so on, to taste.

3 half-cups of oatmeal

2 half-cups flour

2 half-cups sugar

Ĺ teaspoon salt

Ĺ teaspoon soda

Mix the dry ingredients thoroughly in a bowl.

Christopher Greaves OatmealBarsHPIM4417.JPG

First I drop the oatmeal in the bowl. Use any kind of oatmeal. This is not the quick-cook or ďinstantĒ variety; the flakes are thick and coarse.

Christopher Greaves OatmealBarsHPIM4418.JPG

I load the fine ingredients into and through a metal sieve.

Here the flour is making its way into the bowl.

A sieve helps to mix in the smaller amounts of dry ingredients.

Christopher Greaves OatmealBarsHPIM4419.JPG

Here comes the sugar.

You can see that some of the flour and sugar has made its way through the sieve.

Christopher Greaves OatmealBarsHPIM4420.JPG

The Ĺ teaspoon of salt will be dropped onto the mound in the sieve.

Christopher Greaves OatmealBarsHPIM4421.JPG

As will the Ĺ teaspoon of soda.

Christopher Greaves OatmealBarsHPIM4422.JPG

All the fine dry ingredients are now shaken through the sieve.

Look Ma! No Lumps!

Christopher Greaves OatmealBarsHPIM4423.JPG

Here all the dry ingredients have been thoroughly mixed before I add the wet ingredients.

1 half-cup of oil

1 half-cup molasses

Christopher Greaves OatmealBarsHPIM4424.JPG

Here comes a teaspoon of pureed ginger , put down over 18 months ago, still good to use!

Christopher Greaves OatmealBarsHPIM4425.JPG

I put in just under a half-cup of oil. Last time I did a full-to-the-brim half-cup.

Thatís not an apple-core floating in the cup; it is the reflection from the fluorescent light under my kitchen sink cupboards.

Christopher Greaves OatmealBarsHPIM4426.JPG

Likewise, this time, just under a half-cup of molasses.

Christopher Greaves OatmealBarsHPIM4427.JPG

It joins the pureed ginger and the oil.

Christopher Greaves OatmealBarsHPIM4428.JPG

I mixed everything thoroughly and felt that although the mixture was crumbly and damp, it could use a half of a half-cup of water. I rather think now I hadnít need to add it.

My reflection also makes me wonder if, apples being cheap right now, I couldnít add some chopped or pureed apple.

Christopher Greaves OatmealBarsHPIM4429.JPG

Here we are, all mixed up and somewhere to go.

Adding the water has made the mixture appear dark. I suspect the extra water absorbs light, or at least, traps it long enough to be reflected and absorbed by the ingredients.

Christopher Greaves OatmealBarsHPIM4430.JPG

I have fitted a sheet of aluminium foil to the size and shape of a glass tray.

Christopher Greaves OatmealBarsHPIM4432.JPG

Here I have poured the mixture into one end of the sheet.

I was curious; would the mixture spread out as it warmed up, and fill the entire tray?

Christopher Greaves OatmealBarsHPIM4433.JPG

No it wouldnít!

Hereís what came out of the oven after 20 minutes.

Christopher Greaves OatmealBarsHPIM4434.JPG


Christopher Greaves OatmealBarsHPIM4435.JPG

I had to drive to Lindsay and back; when I returned the cooked cake had cooled enough for me to cut it into slices and store it in a plastic container.

Iíll eat it later.

But unlike my pureed ginger, itís not likely to last 18 months here!

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Just to prove these weren't a fluke:

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