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Meat Loaf

(The Ingredients are listed at the bottom of the page)

Meat Loaf is not only dead-easy to mix, it is dead-easy to bake, dead-easy to store, ...

Basic ingredients are ground meat (pork, beef, veal) and onion, bread crumbs, egg. And herbs.

Christopher Greaves MeatLoaf_DSCN0853.JPG

I used four cloves of garlic. You will have an idea of the size by comparison with the pencil. I suspect I have here about an ounce of garlic.

Christopher Greaves MeatLoaf_DSCN0854.JPG

I have passed through my meat grinder a pound of regular onions, ¾ pound of raw carrots. That is why my kitchen scales show 1¾ pounds!

There was this 300 gram carton of bread crumbs sitting in my pantry ...

Christopher Greaves MeatLoaf_DSCN0855.JPG

I hacked off a chunk of ginger root.

Christopher Greaves MeatLoaf_DSCN0856.JPG

Chick Peas. Roasted. My second attempt. I still don’t like chick peas and shall not buy them again.

Christopher Greaves MeatLoaf_DSCN0857.JPG

Into my meat grinder go the chick peas. Out come ground chick peas.

Good thing they weren’t ground nuts, because then I would have had to have written “Out come ground ground nuts” and the spell-checker would have complained!

Christopher Greaves MeatLoaf_DSCN0858.JPG

I toss the ground chick peas into my tub and the scales read 2 pounds 2 ounces.

Christopher Greaves MeatLoaf_DSCN0859.JPG

I know what you’re thinking: “Crumbs that’s a lot!”.

The chick peas were tossed atop the ground – not diced - vegetable mixture, and then about four teaspoons of dried herbs were tossed in.

Plus two teaspoons ground black pepper.

“Where’s Chris?”

“He’s gone to ground!”.

Christopher Greaves MeatLoaf_DSCN0860.JPG

And now we are at three pounds of mixture.

Oh yes! I have added two raw eggs and a half-cup of ketchup.

I have no Worcester sauce, so I shook in a bit of Soy Sauce. It’s dark brown, right?

Christopher Greaves MeatLoaf_DSCN0861.JPG

In go the bread crumbs.

Christopher Greaves MeatLoaf_DSCN0862.JPG

The ground pork is labeled as 1.233 Kilograms; think 2¾ pounds.

Christopher Greaves MeatLoaf_DSCN0863.JPG

And altogether we have six pounds of mixture.

Christopher Greaves MeatLoaf_DSCN0864.JPG

There it is.

I tip the lot into my steel bottling pan. This pan is about ten inches deep and is an ideal container for those roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-messy hand-mixing jobs. Very little escapes over the sides.

Christopher Greaves MeatLoaf_DSCN0865.JPG

I am left with three frozen vegetable bags each containing over a pound of meat loaf mixture; and a loaf time holding the fourth batch.

I pop the loaf tin into a 350° oven for about seventy minutes, take it out and allow it to cool for an hour.

The original recipe said to glaze the loaf with ketchup before baking, but I think I’d rather add ketchup at the time I eat it. If then.


(Makes 6 pounds of raw meat loaf, that is, before cooking)

I cup onions diced (14 ounces)

3 carrots diced (12 ounces)

4 cloves garlic diced ( one ounce?)

2¾ pounds ground pork

2/3 pound of bread crumbs.

2 eggs

¼ cup of dried herbs

2 teaspoons black pepper

2 tablespoons soy sauce

½ cup ketchup

Baked at 350° for 75 minutes at which time I turned off the oven and let the meat loaf continue cooking, then cooling.


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