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Dead-Easy Fruit Cake

Could also be called fruit-cake-in-a-hurry.

A month ago, browsing the web, I came across a phrase something like this:

“Fruitcake is essentially dried fruit held in the minimum amount of batter”.

Made sense to me!

Out the window went all the mother-knows-best complications of eggs, Demerara sugar, vanilla extract etc.

In came, essentially, pancake batter.

It works!

[Optional] In a bowl, melt half a cup of butter
1 cup plain white sugar
1 cup jam (any sort, or a mixture of leftovers)
2 cups flour (any sort, or a mixture of leftovers)
1 teaspoon soda (why?)
1 cup water
3 cups mixed fruit (or mixed fruit mixed with raisin sultanas, currants, the left over handful of dried blueberries, flakes of candied ginger left over from the party, etc.)

Mix well.

Pour into a greased baking tin (I use safflower or similar oil)

Bake at 375 for 60-90 minutes.

The traditional test is to insert and withdraw a skewer; if the batter sticks to it, the cake is not done, but my mother was correct on this one – you must be very fast, if you leave the oven door open your cake may “fall”.


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