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Christopher Greaves

French Vanilla Creamer

What could be easier?

Or Cheaper!

This is my first try, please bear with me.

Christopher Greaves FrenchVanillaCreamer_GEDC2192.JPG

I started off with two cups of powdered milk from Bulk Barn.

For me that's two lots of 120 grams, or 250 grams of powdered milk.

Christopher Greaves FrenchVanillaCreamer_GEDC2194.JPG

I added one cup of sugar from Bulk Barn.

200 grams, since you ask.

Christopher Greaves FrenchVanillaCreamer_GEDC2195.JPG

I added one small measuring cup of artificial vanilla essence. There's no scientific foundation here; this little cup just happened to be handy.

30 grams.

Christopher Greaves FrenchVanillaCreamer_GEDC2196.JPG

I then added two cups of warm water.

Truth be told I had no idea, which is why you read this as placing the dry ingredients in the blender, followed by the liquid.


You'll end up with a hard-to-blend chunk of gunk, and you'll have to unplug the blender before scraping around with a long-handled sundae spoon.

What a trial!

I, pioneer that I am, wanted to play with the dry ingredients first.

Christopher Greaves FrenchVanillaCreamer_GEDC2197.JPG

Here we are, all blended on low speed for 30 seconds.

The test is to see what it does to my morning coffee.

I will add a small measuring cup (same cup, rinsed) of my new mixture to a mug of coffee.

Christopher Greaves FrenchVanillaCreamer_GEDC2198.JPG


Not bad; not the same as the real thing, but milky and sweet, and with a hint of vanilla.

Christopher Greaves FrenchVanillaCreamer_GEDC2199.JPG

This effort netted me TWO 475 ml bottles of the goop.

It is not a syrupy as the real thing; it flows more smoothly.

I always remove the labels from containers being re-used so that I know they are my mixture, not theirs.

In future batches I could add cocoa powder, cinnamon liquor etc.

I'm not so sure about lemon essence, though!


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