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Flat Bread

A simple recipe that works to produce a bread for use as a sandwich wrap, a pastry-liner, a crepe 9almost!).

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I used:



Dry active yeast

1 level teaspoon


1 level teaspoon

Warm water

ス cup

I placed the lot in a large jar with a screw-lid. I値l explain later.

The yeast begins to breed while we assemble the rest of the ingredients.



Regular flour

3 cups


1 level teaspoon

Vegetable Oil

4 soup spoons

I sieved the flour and salt into a large mixing bowl and mixed the salt well in.

I added the oil to the jar-with-yeast, screwed on the lid and emulsified the lot.

I added the liquid mixture to the flour and blended it all in.

This made a rather stiff dough mixture.

My first attempt the dough was so stiff it was hard to roll out.

This time added enough water to make the dough slightly sticky.

I set the dough aside for 30 minutes to let the yeast develop some more.

While it was working I put the skillet on a low heat, about 2, to get a head start on heating the pan.

After 30 minutes the dough was soft, light and pliable.

I upped the skillet to 4 or 5 and brushed oil in the pan.

I tore off chunks to make balls of dough about 3 cm diameter and rolled them in flour to inhibit their sticking to one another.

Each ball was rolled out on a board, and when as thin as I could make it without it tearing, I flopped it into the skillet.

After 60 seconds I flipped it over and went on rolling out the next ball.

After 60 second I flipped it onto a growing stack of cakes and brushed oil then tossed in the next one.

Pretty soon I had a good rhythm going.

It took two minutes, end-to-end, to bake a bread.

I made 20 of them in well under an hour.

Now they sit, cooled, in a plastic bag in the fridge.

I take one out and make a sandwich wrap from thin-sliced cold roast pork, green relish, finely chopped onions

I take one out and make a dessert-snack, spread with pumpkin jam

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