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Christopher Greaves

Crustopher’s Eggs

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

You can make a quick snack for people when they land on your doorstep. If you know that they’ll be arriving home from church, rehearsals, or just a jolly long walk in the park, you can hand out 16 tasty snacks as they walk in the door, and they’ll think you are simply WONDERFUL.

Christopher Greaves CRUSTOPHERSEGGS_GEDC1431.JPG

Start off with as many slices of plain white bread, and as many eggs, as you have guests. You can see in the photo above that it looks as if I’m having a single guest, but truth is, I plan to eat both crustophers.

Christopher Greaves CRUSTOPHERSEGGS_GEDC1432.JPG

Trim the crust from the slices. (The crust can go into bread pudding or what-have-you)

Christopher Greaves CRUSTOPHERSEGGS_GEDC1433.JPG

Roll each slice to reduce its thickness to about 1/8 of an inch.

Christopher Greaves CRUSTOPHERSEGGS_GEDC1434.JPG

I brush oil on the inside of each bowl; this will ease ejection of the finished product and will also help to seal the eggs.

Mold each slice into the bowl of a muffin tray. Be gentle and try not to break the slice.

Don’t worry about doubling-up. You can see I’ve done that in the nearer bowl.

Christopher Greaves CRUSTOPHERSEGGS_GEDC1435.JPG

Trim the edges; I use a sharp knife to shear around the top.

I use the little bits of trimming to patch any weaknesses or thin spots in the bowl.

I pop the tray into a pre-heated oven at about 400, so that the bread becomes somewhat toasted and crisp, but need not be browned.

We are not making toast here.

We want the bread to be hot enough to seal the raw egg when it arrives.

Christopher Greaves CRUSTOPHERSEGGS_GEDC1436.JPG

I’ve decided to use one egg as-is, but the other is going to be heavily peppered. I daresay you could add herbs, sauce and so on.

Christopher Greaves CRUSTOPHERSEGGS_GEDC1437.JPG

The peppered egg is lightly beaten to blend in the pepper.

Christopher Greaves CRUSTOPHERSEGGS_GEDC1438.JPG

The eggs are gently slid into the crusty bowls. The bowls being hot enough, a layer of egg will cook as it hits the side of the bread bowl and prevent leakage.

Christopher Greaves CRUSTOPHERSEGGS_GEDC1439.JPG

After ten minutes in the oven, I place a metal tray on top to finish the cooking of the eggs. I was in a hurry and used a spare muffin tray.

You can see that one egg has risen well enough to glue itself to the upper tray!

Christopher Greaves CRUSTOPHERSEGGS_GEDC1440.JPG

The finished product.

You could serve each egg on a plate with other additives – grated cheese, toast etc, or your guests can do what I do – just pick the thing up and eat it out-of-hand.

They didn’t last long enough for me to take another photo!


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