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Wednesday October 29, 2008

First day of snow! Admittedly only a dozen flakes, but snow, nonetheless.

Time to haul out that collection of glass bottles youíve been hoarding since the balmy days of Iced tea or Apple Juice.

Christopher Greaves CHOCHOTOLAIT_GEDC0885.JPG

You will need, besides an empty bottle with a screw-cap lid, your tub of cocoa, tub of sugar, and tub of powdered milk.

The funnel can double as the tin-man in Wizard Of Oz. The mung beans are soaking and do not enter into this story.

Christopher Greaves CHOCHOTOLAIT_GEDC0886.JPG

How does it all work? Funnel you should ask!

Half a cup of milk powder, then half a cup of cocoa, then half a cup of sugar.

Itís all done by halves, you see.

It makes rather a neat design, if you ask me.

I suppose if I continued with milk, cocoa, sugar until the bottle was full, I could gift-wrap this as a hand-out present at the Scottish Country Dancing Christmas bash, if I was still going to Scottish Country Dancing.

Christopher Greaves CHOCHOTOLAIT_GEDC0887.JPG

Add half a cup of hot water from the kitchen tap. Itís all done by halves, you see.

Students of fluid dynamics will amuse themselves for several minutes watching the experiment.

Christopher Greaves CHOCHOTOLAIT_GEDC0888.JPG

The rest of us will shake the bottle vigorously until the dry ingredients have formed a thickish syrup.

For the sake of clarity I poured my mixture into a clean bottle so that you can see that three half-cups of dry ingredients and one half cup of hot water made half a bottle of chocolate syrup.

Itís all dun, by halves, you see.

How well does it keep?

I have no idea.

I pour some into a boiled cup of water to make a hot chocolate drink.

I pour some into a little espresso cup and drink it as a liquor late a night Ė a little night-cup, so to speak.

It is soon gone, and time to mix another batch.


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